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Логотип «ПК «МС»

PK MS company’s industrial potential allows us to offer you a full cycle of production spanning from design according to GOST and DIN requirements to shipping the produced batch worldwide. We also offer individual metalwork on request.

PK MS company is sertified and acknowledged by RRR and RMRS registers. We also have an ISO 9001-2015 sertificate on our quality management system on our main activity profile (Other ready to use metal products, not included in other groups(25.99).

Quality and reliability of our products meet the Russian Government Decree #620 (12 August 2010) ‘Approval of technical regulations on the safety of maritime transport facilities’.

Both quality and specifications of our products meet the requirements of Russian Federation Government’s decree ‘Approval of technical regulations on the safety of maritime transport facilities’.

Our company also follows the guidelines of all necessary papers (like quality plans, production orders, technology process guides, etc).

Our company offers:

1. Products:

  • Manual actuator parts cast of steel or brass in our own molds
  • Airtight and watertight deck hatches / plates (including ones designed for 1st and 2nd category decks and hatches with droplet separators)
  • Mushroom vents
  • Air pipe heads with automatic valves
  • Mud boxes
  • Deck scuppers and lids
  • Vent butterfly valves
  • Deck mounted filler necks
  • Pipe fittings according to GOST, OST, DIN requirements
  • Thread oiler cups
  • Various pipe flanges (steel and special alloys)
  • Closed top wing nuts and swing bolts cast in our own molds
  • Globe vents and wall mounted vents
  • Galvanic corrosion flange insulation kits CP-1 and other types
  • Fuel pump impellers made of different alloys
  • All types of cable glands (SKRO, SKSO, SKSD, SKPF, SKPT)
  • Pipe sight glasses
  • Bulkhead fittings / penetrations
  • Pump out deck fittings
  • Welding pipe funnels
  • Bilge pipe strainers (copper, steel)
  • Vent gooseneck pipes
  • Pump out deck fitting hose adapters
  • VGN-500 deck manhole design 1-394-174, inner diameter 500 mm
  • Mesh vent grills and gaskets
  • Weld thru hull fittings
  • Drain plugs
  • Cover nuts
  • Weld ons
  • Weld ons for temperature sensors
  • Weld ons for ASL 400 level sensor
  • Weld ons for A27Р level sensor
  • Weld ons for TK type marine thermometer
  • Vent and air conditioning storm valves
  • Knife gate valves
  • Sounding rods for filler necks (brass or 597th group stainless steel)

2. Metal work:

  • CNC machine processing
  • Manual machine processing
  • Sheet metal bending
  • Semi-automatic welding
  • Metal inert gas welding
  • Robotic welding
  • Assembling services

3. Flaw detection:

  • Color flaw detection of welds according to OST 26-5-99

We have a hydraulic test bench and a torsion test machine (both approved by RMRS and RRR).

All test methods are also approved by the authorities mentioned above.

We hold all of the engineering drawings and rights for the products we create.

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