PK MS: new equipment for global profit

PK MS: new equipment for global profit

Long gone are the days when factories had one manufacturer for all products they need. Today five or even ten worthy contractors apply for the creation and supply of any device and product. That is why it is extremely important to improve the quality of our products, modernize production and improve the conditions for the manufacture of marine equipment. PK MS follows this rule ideally: works hard on the quality of its products in order to offer the best products on the market. In this article we will tell you how the company manages to be a leader for customers.

It is amazing tosee how quickly this enterprise is developing. It is producing and supplyig shipyards with fittings of any complexity. About two years ago, PK MS moved to a new production site – already its own, not rented, and much larger than the previous one.

In parallel with the adaptation in new conditions, active work was carried out to modernize the products. This mainly concerned the renewal of the machine park, because it mainly affects the quality of the manufactured products. Let us describe each new purchase of PK MS and tell what is so special about it.

MAZAK QUICK TURN 100 M SG with bar feeder

This is a QUICK TURN series machine from Mazak. Generally, it is considered the standard machine of the new generation. It is remarkable in its productivity that is required for a CNC turning center. For example, it has a high speed milling capability at a maximum speed of 10,000 rpm. This reduces operator workload and dramatically increases productivity. Due to the simplicity of this machine control, a significant simplification of the operation and maintenance is achieved. Bar feeders and additional inner equipment greatly increase the productivity of the operator and automate the production process of metal turning.

Welding machine EWM Terix 351 PULS AC / DC

It is a dedicated AC and DC TIG welding machine. It is optimal for use in mass production. Briefly about its advantages:
– welding inverter with alternating and direct current up to 350A;
– argon arc welding;
– powerful TIG-arc with fast and deep metal melting, it is recognized by better and more productive welding;
– spot welding in argon with a tungsten electrode of sheets up to 2 mm thick (alternative to contact welding);
– manual welding (MMA) with rod electrodes.

Welding machine EWM Phoenix 355 PULS

Phoenix 355 puls MM TKM is a versatile welding machine. It is designed for welding chromium-nickel alloys, aluminum and steel during any repair or construction work. It is worth noting that the Phoenix 355 puls MM TKM supports many welding technologies. In terms of functionality, the Phoenix 355 puls MM TKM is a model with a user-friendly control system for reliable welding. The interface of the welding machine is greatly simplified thanks to the innovative JOBs and superPuls technologies. Thanks to JOBs technology, the device automatically adjusts itself to carry out certain welding operations. SuperPuls tech dramatically increases the convenience of adjusting this machine.

Milling machine Ingro MCV300

The equipment is designed for processing products in small-scale production. It is recognized by small dimensions and at the same time sufficient rigidity for processing common materials. The machine is equipped with the most widespread in Russia CNC rack with support for the 4th axis. The Ingro MCV300 small CNC router is ideal for operations such as drilling, milling and tapping in automatic mode.

Finally, the Pilous ARG 300 F band saw.

Band sawing machines are great for cutting metal. This type of equipment is recognized by a high level of productivity and efficiency. Bandsaws are small and quiet. The workers of PK MS note that this equipment has no substitutors in production, because with it’s help the cutting is as accurate as possible.

The Pilous ARG 300 F is equipped with a frequency-controlled web rotation drive (index ‘F’ in the name), which allows smooth speed control cutting from 35 to 75 m / min., multiplying the cutting accuracy and durability of the band saw. The machine allows us to cut round pipes up to 300 mm, square pipes up to 300 mm, rectangular pipes up to 370 x 220 mm.


Our company is growing daily. Over the past few years, our staff has grown two and a half times. The purchase of the newest machines is definitely important step, but for PK MS people are our everything. Therefore we pay special attention to personnel training, and it is advanced training. We carry out certification of employees, as well as improve working conditions for them. At the same time, the management system and the management work of our company have improved. All production processes are transparent, clearly regulated for the highest efficiency.

We value our customers and do our best to satisfy their requirements regarding the quality of our products. By modernizing our own equipment, we take care of the future of those crews who will work on those ships, where they will spend days and weeks. Their work on the ship is directly related to our work and the quality of our products. For me as an naval ex-officer this is very important. Today many shipyards and ship repair factories are our clients, including those who carry on work over state defense orders, and our team helps them as well. Here are just a few of our regular customers: Admiralty Shipyards, Baltic Shipyard, Krasnoye Sormovo Shipyard, Kronstadt Marine Plant, Livadia Shipyard, Okskaya Shipyard, Yaroslavl Shipyard, Dneprobugvodput, Sokolskaya Shipyard, the Vympel shipyard, the Volga shipyard, the Almaz shipbuilding company, the More shipyard, the Onega shipbuilding and ship repair yard.

PK MS has always strived to improve the quality of its products. And we will continue to do this by purchasing modern machines and high-quality materials for products. Because this is the true purpose of our work: to create unique and high-quality products so that the Russian fleet is reliable and safe.

Victor Bochagin, PK MS CEO

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